Pioneer Onkyo Europe GmbH

130W 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers with Concentric Woofer/Tweeter

Your complete high-end solution.

Designers and engineers at our Research & Development centres in Paris and Tokyo – the same responsible for our EX and Series 8 speakers – have pooled their expertise to bring you the Series 7 speaker range: aperfect balance between design and acoustic performance.

The complete series includes floorstanding, bookshelf and centre speakers, with a dedicated multi-channel subwoofer completing the line-up.

The 2-way S-71B benefits from a custom-made 13cm woofer/tweeter concentric driver which leads to a perfect alignment of all drivers’ acoustic centres.

The resulting aligned sound delivery is extremely smooth and coherent, while off-axis problems are totally eradicated for the entire frequency range.

The S-71B also features a dedicated magnetic circuit for its woofer that offers enhanced linearity and dynamic capabilities. 

Designed for pure stereo listening, these bookshelf speakers meet all expectations when integrated into the complete Series 7 multi-channel setup.

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