Pioneer Onkyo Europe GmbH

130W 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers with Concentric Medium/Tweeter Driver

Your complete high-end solution.

Designers and engineers at our Research & Development centres in Paris and Tokyo – the same responsible for our EX and Series 8 speakers – have pooled their expertise to bring you the Series 7 speaker range: aperfect balance between design and acoustic performance.

The complete series includes floorstanding, bookshelf and centre speakers, with a dedicated multi-channel subwoofer completing the line-up.

The 3-way S-71 features one concentric driver with Titanium dome tweeter, an aramid cone midrange and two 13cm aramid cone woofers.The result is an extremely smooth and aligned sound.

Thanks to the unique ABD/AFAST standing wave control technologies, thestanding waves inside the speaker enclosure are eliminated without affecting the low frequency response. The S-71 also features a bottom horn type bass-reflex port that naturally enhances the sound pressure level of the low frequency range. 

Three ‘spikes’ and pads at the base of the speaker ensure the highest possible stability. The rigid cabinet is constructed to minimise all external disturbances, protecting the integrity of the reproduced sound.

The result is an accurate reproduction of both sound image and sound field at the highest level.

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