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Personal Sound Amplifier

Welcome to the Conversation

Reconnect to life in sound with the PHA-M70 Personal Sound Amplifier. This lightweight earphones-and-amp package is a great alternative for anyone who could use a little help hearing daily conversations, TV dialog, phone-calls, or lectures. Although it’s small, the PHA-M70 is big on tech. Two mics improve sound directionality for natural immersion, while signal processing makes vocal frequencies audible while filtering out background noise and preventing howling. In fact, the unit looks like a quality music player and is simple to use with one large power button and chunky volume wheel. With a rechargeable battery that lasts all day and selection of earphone tip sizes for a comfy fit, you’ve got even more reason to choose communication over isolation.

Lightweight, Practical, and Economical

At just 19 grams, you can keep your PHA-M70 in a pocket without noticing it’s there. To start up, just slip in the earphones, press the “on” button, and adjust the volume to enjoy up to 21 hours of operation. Pop the amp on the supplied cradle charger at night, or if you forget and run low on power, the device works with any AAA/R03 cell batteries.

Clearer Voices, Less Noise

Digital Signal Processing analyzes sound collected by the mics, optimizing vocal frequencies and suppressing unwanted background noise. The PHA-M70 has automatic level adjustment and howling reduction technology that matches mic and transducer design to reduce howling, so you can hear sound clearly and discreetly.

Improved Sound Directionality

We hear in stereo, so it makes sense to have mics in both left and right ears. The amplifier unit collects and processes sounds and plays them so you know what direction they are coming from. Rather than isolating you from your surroundings, these earphones immerse you in them.

Balance Adjustment for L/R Earphones

You can adjust the volume level coming through the left and right earphones using a rotary control wheel. If you hear better in one ear than the other, you can compensate easily for comfortably balanced sound.

Very Simple to Use

No more fiddly switches and tiny buttons: there aren’t any. The PHA-M70 has a large, finger-friendly power button; a lamp that tells you if the device is on or off; and a chunky volume wheel with numbers clearly displayed. Even the fat stereo cable plug is easy to use.

Works All Day with One Fast Charge

The supplied special rechargeable battery returns about 21 hours of operation. When power is low, a red lamp comes on with earphone beeps to let you know. Simply click the amp into the cradle charger, and in about 3.5 hours you’re ready to go again. The amp accepts any kind of AAA/R03 cell batteries if you run out of power when out and about.

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