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Wireless subwoofer for the FAYOLA Wireless Music System

Upgrade your FAYOLA Wireless Music System with an additional wireless subwoofer

When you use the FS-W40 FAYOLA Wireless Music System also for TV and movie playback, the optional FS-SW40 Wireless Subwoofer is a useful addition to add that extra touch to the visual action on the screen. The satellite speakers are freed from the bass reproduction and with the optional subwoofer the bass reproduction gains impressive volume and precision.

The FS-SW40 is recommended for use in rooms larger than 25 m². It is identical to the subwoofer contained in the FS-W50 FAYOLA Wireless Music System and, like all the speakers from the FAYOLA series, it connects wirelessly with the media centre. The optional subwoofer is automatically integrated in your system after a network rescanning of the media centre.

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