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E9truly wireless
In-Ear Wireless Sports Headphones with 6 mm rare-earth-magnet drivers, ultra-long 5-hour playback and IPX7 water resistance

Energetic sound that goes the distance  

Let workout music push you further, wirelessly. High-sensitivity 6 mm rare-earth-magnet drivers and AAC codec combine for deep, powerful bass and mid-range clarity. With five-hour battery life (20 hours with carry-case charger), long runs are no problem, or dock for 15 minutes to get an hour of playback using Fast Charge. Secure ear fins and Ear Direct Mount Structure provide deep-fitting  stability, while Ambient awareness earphone tips let in enough sound to keep you safe while jogging. Tap the multi-function button once  to enable Ambient Awareness Mode, which lets you listen or converse without taking the earphones out. This nifty button also manages  playback, calls, and voice-assistant access. Sealing its athletic credentials, the E9 truly wireless (SE-E9TW) is both IPX5 and IPX7 water-resistant. Run  in the rain and wash off the sweat after your workout.  


Immerse and let music motivate

Sensitive φ 6 mm (1/4˝) rare-earth-magnet  drivers and the AAC codec via Bluetooth® 5.0  wireless technology bring the bass punch and  dynamic energy you need to immerse, focus, and stay in the zone when exercising. Ear Direct Mount Structure avoids sound-damping issues by aiming the drivers directly into the  inner ear, making music an internal force that pushes you forward.


Avoid vehicles you can’t see  

Ambient awareness earphone tips have thin  slits that are uniquely designed to allow a certain amount of external sound in, so you can stay aware of your surroundings and avoid bikes or cars that approach unexpectedly when you’re jogging.



Hear announcements at the touch of a button  

Ambient Awareness Mode connects you to  the outside world at moments when you need to hear an announcement, such as on public transport. With a tap on the left earphone button, the mic turns on and captures outside sound while audio volume is attenuated so you can hear clearly. Note: When Ambient Awareness Mode is ON, noise may  occur when touching earphones since external sound is  collected with built-in mic.  



Excellent stability for workouts

Secure ear fins supplied in S/M/L sizes assure a perfect fit for your ear size. The fins fit over the auricle and keep the earphones in place, and are ideal for aerobic exercise. Athletes wanting extra peace of mind can attach the supplied leash to the earphones, preventing loss should one come free.


Marathon 5-hour playtime leads the class 

The E9 truly wireless leads the field with five-hour wireless playback, enough to play music for the typical duration of a marathon for the  average distance runner—or to cover your commute each way to work or school. You can recharge three times on the go via the carry case, extending total listening time to about 20 hours, or use Fast Charge for an hour’s playback in just 15 minutes.


IPX7 and IPX5 certified 

The E9 truly wireless is among the few wireless earphones to feature both IPX5 and IPX7 certification. The earphones are water-resistant and washable*. Continue enjoying your music as you run in the rain, and wash off the sweat when you’ve finished your workout. * Please refer to the product manual instructions before  washing earphones.  


Auto-Pairing and Auto Power ON/OFF 

The E9 truly wireless earphones power up and enter pairing mode automatically when removed from their carry case. There are no button-pushes required when connecting for the first time: just select them from available devices shown on your smartphone screen. After that, the earphones will connect to that device automatically. And when you’re done, the earphones power off and start recharging when placed back in the case.


Easy access to music, calls, and voice assistant 

Tap the sides of the earphones to access functions such as playback control (skip forward/back), call management (accept/end/reject), and voice assistant. Triple-tap the button to activate the Google Assistant and Siri on supported devices.


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