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Enable Dolby Atmos on your Pioneer AV receiver

Pioneer Dolby Atmos Upgrade


Dolby Atmos surrounds you with captivating sound – including overhead – moving all your senses. This revolutionary new audio technology will fill your room with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth.

Our high-end AV receivers are able to decode and play back Dolby Atmos content in compatible home cinemas featuring overhead speakers or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers (as pictured below). That way, you’ll have access to the ultimate home entertainment experience.



Get Dolby Atmos in your home.

In order to fully enjoy Dolby Atmos in the comfort of your home, you will need Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers or overhead speakers and a compatible AV receiver. ​What else do you need?

Room requirements

To get the best out of Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, the ceiling of your listening room should have a horizontal, flat, hard surface (for audio reflection) and a height of 2.4 to 4.5 metres.

System requirements

In addition to a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker set-up or overhead speakers, you must have a Dolby Atmos-compatible AV receiver and a Blu-ray Disc player, set to stream the Blu-ray Disc audio content that is encoded for Dolby Atmos.



Dolby Atmos upgradable AV receivers

Our high-end SC-LX58, SC-LX78 and SC-LX88 9.2-channel AV receivers are Dolby Atmos upgradable via a firmware update. Download the firmware today and make the multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos experience a reality.


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