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Class leading high quality audio engineering and dual DAC equipped full balance circuitry

19Dec / 2016

Class leading high quality audio engineering and dual DAC equipped full balance circuitry

19. December 2016

We are proud to announce our “XDP-300R” high resolution(HiRes) digital audio player. In recent years, music has become a very personal experience. Instead of listening to music at home, more people are listening on portable devices with headphones and earphones. And the point of entry for music has become varied with the advent of streaming services that can be custom tailored to the user. The “XDP-300R” portable digital audio player is meant to be an answer for users who want the ability to handle the variety of methods available to users, capable of playback up to 11.2MHz DSD*1, 384kHz/24bit
FLAC/WAV and the newest High Res technology MQA, with full balanced circuitry for the dual DACs to the output*2. Built on Android OS with access to GooglePlayTM*3, expand the XDP-300R’s functionality to include streaming video/music, games, and other apps*4*5. Enjoy video on the large, GorillaGlass equipped 4.7 inch HD display, and connect to peripherals via WiFi and Bluetooth. The “XDP-300R” comes equipped with 32GB of internal storage and dual microSD card slots that support up to 200GBs each, making the total available storage up to a class leading 432GBs for all your music, movies, and apps. Equipped with ESS technology SABRE DAC, the upmost attention to eliminating noise from the audio signal was given to make it possible to listen to the highest quality audio for not just High Res audio, but for your existing compressed audio library and streaming sources.

XDP-300R Features:

Play all music in high quality audio

  • Built for music, parts selection and circuit board design were meticulously calculated to provide the best signal. Bring out the best performance of music with support for playback up to 11.2MHz DSD and 384kHz/24bit WAV and FLAC, and MQA.
  • Incorporates dual ESS Technology’s SABRE DAC “ES9018K2M” paired to SABRE “9601K” amps to create dynamic yet clear sound with good S/N to provide the highest possible quality sound
  • Balanced output with two forms of balanced drive available. Along with standard BTL balance output, Active Control GND allows the two DAC outputs to work in tandem for L-GND/R-GND “0V” lock to eliminate any distortion, broadening the sound stage while remaining clear.
  • Separated DAC/AMP circuit board and Android CPU circuit board, to limit digital noise from effect the audio circuitry
  • Thorough consideration against noise by positioning the switching circuitry and analog circuits as far away as possible within, and placing the analog circuits as close to the headphone jacks to deliver the purest audio signal possible
  • Fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU for snappy operation of apps and music playback.
  • Enjoy Club Sound Boost using balanced output in the EQ settings(audio sources will get mixed to 48kHz)

Multiple connectivity methods with high quality audio outputs and wireless functionality

  • Balanced output, digital output through Micro USB/OTG*6 support allows for both high quality output via the headphone jack and peripheral connections.
  • The 2.5mm 4 pole balanced headphone(BTL balance mode/Active Control GND mode/Line out mode) allows for different kinds of high resolution sound depending on preference
  • 3.5mm stereo mini output(w/Line out mode)
  • Micro USB/OTG digital output supports up to DSD 11.2MHz and 384kHz/24bit(DoP/Direct Transfer/PCM conversion)
  • High quality audio via wireless
    -aptX support for Bluetooth
    -Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth tethering for streaming music*7
  • Access to Google Play
  • Open up the XDP-300R’s capabilities beyond what’s built in, by adding apps for streaming music, video, and games.
  • Playback support for “MQA”, the revolutionary end-to-end technology that captures and delivers master quality audio in a file that is small enough to stream or download, fully authenticated, ensuring what the listener hears is exactly what the artist recorded and approved in the studio
  • Support for up to 432GB(32GB internal + dual microSD) for all music and apps
  • Direct download of music from OnkyoMusic service without the need of a PC
  • 6 built in sound adjustment (Lock range adjust, digital filter, up sampling, Realtime DSD conversion, High Precision EQ, Club Sound Boost)
  • physical buttons for all transport controls for “no look” operation.
  • Vertical UI for quick access to playlists and EQ settings, and Artwork mode UI for full color album art and all on screen controls located near the bottom within a thumb’s reach

Easy music file transfers from your PC or Mac with “X-DAP link” software*8
Volume knob with 161 step positions for fine granular control
Selectable volume lock setting On/Off when display is off
Gain settings to better match a wide range of headphones(Low2/Low1/Normal/High)
Rigid machined aluminum body design
Custom case “XDP-APU300” optional available*9

*1 DSD, Direct Stream Digital
*2 when using USB digital out. Audio out of the headphone jacks will be mixed to a maximum quality of PCM 192kHz/24bit
*3 Android, Google, and GooglePlay are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.
*4 Apps that require GPS, camera, gyro-sensor may not function properly.
*5 Will require Wi-Fi network access.
*6 Will require separate On-The-Go enabled USB cable.
*7 Compatible hardware required. Depending on Wi-Fi network speed, high res audio playback may be intermittent.
*8 Available for free download on our website(Mac, Windows compatible)
*9 “XDP-APU300” case is built for XDP-300R.

About MQA
MQA, “Master Quality Authenticated”, is a revolutionary coding system that captures the total essence of an original audio performance, assuring it is identical to the master recording. Using efficient lossless coding and informed by neuroscience, MQA offers extreme High Res Audio in reasonable file sizes, while maintaining backward playback compatibility with current file formats and track info metadata. For more information, please visit

About OnkyoMusic
OnkyoMusic is a leading Hi-Res digital music provider, which provides all downloads as FLAC files. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is an audio format that compresses audio without any loss in quality. With webstores available in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information, please visit WWW.ONKYOMUSIC.COM

*ESS SABRE is a registered trademark of ESS Technology, Inc.
*Bluetooth wordmark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
*Qualcomm aptX® and logo are registered trademarks of Qualcomm Technologies International. Qualcomm is trademarked by Qualcomm Incorporated in the United States and other countries and is used with approval. aptX is a registered trademark of Qualcomm Technologies, Ltd in the United States and other countries and is use with its approval.
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