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23Mar / 2017

The Pioneer FAYOLA music-systems: High-quality design, intuitive operation and maximum flexibility - with all audio and video sources, in all rooms

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March 23rd 2017

With the "FAYOLA" music-systems FS-W40 and FS-W50, Pioneer introduces two new, ultra-modern music-systems and a completely new device genre. FAYOLA overcomes the limitations of ordinary audio-systems: it allows free setup and flexible configuration, transmits the signals in stereo as well as surround wirelessly to speakers, is almost unrestricted multi-room capable and can be used seamlessly with all streaming services and sound formats. The Pioneer Remote App for iOS and Android is available in the respective app stores for intuitive control - whether it is a single system or an entire multi-room network.

23Mar / 2017

Pioneer uses the Wireless Multi-Room Speakers MRX-3 and MRX-5 to provide format diversity and flexible extensibility.

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March 23rd  2017

Many multi-room streaming systems force their users to commit themselves to a single brand – first when purchasing the system and later on when searching for compatible extensions. Pioneer, on the other hand, has the greatest possible openness. The new Wireless Multi-Room loudspeakers MRX-3 and MRX-5 support numerous manufacturer-spanning standards and therefore perfectly match not only with many current Pioneer devices, but also with products from other brands.

08Mar / 2017

Pioneer introduces entry class Hi-Res Audio In-Ear Headphone series

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08. March 2017

Pioneer introduces the new „CH“ series represented by two new in-ear headphones with full Hi-Res Audio support. With a frequency range of 8 Hz-45 kHz (SE-CH5T) and 5 Hz-50 kHz (SE-CH9T), Hi-Res Audio music data is reproduced with maximum details, offered by Hi-Res Audio formats like DSD, FLAC or MQA.

23Feb / 2017

Pioneer Launches Whole Home Audio Over FireConnect™ for AV and Audio Components with February Firmware Update

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23. February 2017

Pioneer will deploy Whole Home Audio for selected Pioneer AV and audio hi-fi components with a firmware update announced today, enabling wireless audio distribution to supported network speakers over FireConnect™ powered by Blackfire.

19Dec / 2016

Class leading high quality audio engineering and dual DAC equipped full balance circuitry

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19. December 2016

Enjoy Club Sound Boost through balanced output Support up to DSD11.2MHz, 384kHz/24bit FLAC and WAV, and MQA in High Res Portable Digital Audio Player XDP-300R.

26Aug / 2016

Pioneer Releases the X-HM76 Series of Network CD Receiver Systems for a stylish set up in the living room and the X-HM86D premium model with enhanced sound quality.

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26. August 2016

Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH is pleased to announce the release of the X-HM76, X-HM76D and X-HM86D network CD receiver systems. As well as playback of your existing CD library, the systems support various streaming services allowing the enjoyment of new listening styles, coordinates with in your stylish living room with its slim design, and supports also high-resolution audio sources.

29Jul / 2016


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29. July 2016 

Pioneer today introduced the SC-LX501 Network AV Receiver.  A 7.1 channel network AV receiver, the SC-LX501 features Multi-Room Audio*1, which allows for the wireless distribution of a variety of sound sources -- including LPs and streaming services -- in different rooms, and the latest network functions, such as Google Cast*2 and TIDAL*2 streaming services. The unit also incorporates MCACC*3, an automatic room calibration technology that adjusts specifically to your environment to deliver optimized object-based audio and works in sync with the Reflex Optimizer, a new feature to deliver an ideal object-based audio reproduction through the featured Direct Energy HD amplifiers, allowing simultaneous output from all channels with no power loss.

21Jul / 2016

Fastvareoppdatering for støtte av dts:X™ på ulike flerkanalsreceivere fra Pioneer, er tilgjengelig fra og med september 2016.

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21. juli 2016

Pioneer ønsker å informere alle eiere av en flerkanalsreceiver av generasjon 2015 og 2016 som er forberedt for dts:X™, at fastvareoppdateringen for dekoding av dts:X™, som DTS opprinnelig hadde planlagt for høsten 2015, nå vil være tilgjengelig innen kort tid.

01Apr / 2016

Ny fastvareoppdatering for Pioneers flerkanalsreceiver

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01. April 2016

Fastvareoppdatering for å støtte Spotify og Tune In streamingtjenester og aktualisering av app-styringen med iControlAV5. Fastvareoppdatering for støtte av dts:X™ på ulike flerkanalsreceivere fra Pioneer, er tilgjengelig i sommer.