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Pioneer won three EISA-Awards Best Product 2018-2019

29Aug / 2018

Pioneer won three EISA-Awards Best Product 2018-2019

Willich, 15. August 2018
EISA BEST BUY AMPLIFIER 2018-2019 - Pioneer A-40AE
To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Pioneer has unveiled this affordable integrated amplifier that exceeds expectations, thanks to an enticing combination of flexibility and smooth sound. With five line inputs, a moving-magnet phono stage and built-in DAC, the A-40AE will form the heart of a great budget system. With generous power on tap Pioneer’s ‘Direct Energy’ amplifier design comfortably drives most loudspeakers, and does so really sweetly. Sonically, its polished yet beguiling sound makes for a satisfying listen, setting up a wide soundstage that is given life by great dynamics. It’s an excellent first step on the hi-fi ladder.

EISA HOME THEATRE RECEIVER 2018-2019 - Pioneer VSX-933
In direct contrast to its reasonable price, Pioneer’s seven-channel VSX-933 AV receiver comes with a suitably high-spec feature list, allowing it to operate as the centerpiece of a home theatre with up to 7.2 channels. Onboard decoding includes the object-based Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats, while a bespoke ‘reflex optimiser’ is on hand to calibrate any upwards-firing speakers in even the most challenging rooms. The powerful and wellconstructed VSX-933 adds to its movie playback credentials with wireless multiroom, hi-res audio support, streaming services including Tidal, Spotify and Deezer, plus
Chromecast. Immersive sound quality is fine-tuned by Pioneer’s MCACC auto-calibration system, ensuring this receiver delivers films and music to a far higher level than you might expect given the price.

EISA MOBILE AUDIO PLAYER 2018-2019 - Pioneer XDP-02U
One of the first audiophile personal players to break the magic €400 price point, the Pioneer XDP-02U offers a touch display housed in a practically designed body that’s available in white, blue and pink finishes. It incorporates 16GB of built-in memory – expandable to 512GB via two microSD card slots – and a powerful 300mW-rated amplifier able to drive even the most demanding of headphones via its choice of balanced and single-ended outputs. Music can be streamed using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the battery lasts for around 15 hours and the player is compatible with music files up to 192kHz/32-bit. The sound boasts excellent microdynamics and the performance can be delicately managed using its onboard 10-band equaliser.

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