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Introducing the Pioneer A-40AE: an affordable stereo amplifier designed for analogue and digital sources

11May / 2018

Introducing the Pioneer A-40AE: an affordable stereo amplifier designed for analogue and digital sources

Munich, May 12, 2018

Pioneer’s new integrated amplifier has been designed to reflect the latest trends in stereo music playback. The A-40AE will appeal both to newcomers to audio and experienced audiophiles alike. A comprehensive range of features, high quality components, superlative workmanship, and a crisp, well-defined sound have been combined to ensure the A-40AE becomes a future classic in its category.

Direct Energy amplifier
The inherent efficiency of Pioneer's own Direct Energy output stages enables high performance (2 x 76W into 4 ohms) while remaining environmentally-friendly, thanks to its reduced power consumption. Since cool-running components last longer than hot ones, Direct Energy amplifiers also prove very stable and reliable in use, due to the lower and more uniform operating temperatures.

Sonically, the amplifier has been tuned to deliver very low distortion, along with fine resolution and clarity. Those who are familiar with the lively, communicative sound of previous Pioneer amplifiers will experience a pleasing sense of déjà vu with this new model.

Equipped for today’s needs…and tomorrow’s
With its comprehensive line-up of features, the Pioneer A-40AE allows access to a wide variety of music sources and can cope with most domestic audio needs.

In addition to the five line-level analogue inputs, there’s also a turntable input (suitable for moving magnet cartridges), plus a line output that delivers the signal of the respective active source to external recording devices and other components.  This can also be used to feed an external headphone amplifier though, it has to be said, the A-40AE is equipped with a fine-sounding headphone output of its own.

The two digital inputs (optical and coaxial) allow the connection of, for example, streaming audio players or TVs with digital outputs, boosting the traditionally threadbare sound of the audio systems built into most flat-panel sets. Since the internal digital-to-analogue converter can process sampling rates up to 192kHz, listening to High Resolution Audio via the digital inputs is fully-supported.

At this price point, it’s rare to encounter amplifiers with connections for two independent pairs of speakers, designed to be operated either individually or in parallel. Both pairs are connected via solid, insulated screw-type terminals, capable of taking 4mm banana plugs.

Unlike some of its more purist predecessors, the A-40AE is equipped with tone and balance controls, carefully designed so they can be completely eliminated from the signal path for better sound quality. A ‘Power Amp Direct‘ facility, which also bypasses the volume control, also allows owners to connect an external pre-amplifier.

High quality through and through
A torsionally-strong steel chassis provides the amplifier with the best possible protection against mechanical and electromagnetic interference. The front panel and volume control knob, meanwhile, are made of aluminum alloy. Internally too, the A-40AE  a generously over-specified power supply and selected ELNA capacitors, specially designed for Pioneer.

The Pioneer A-40AE (in black or silver finishes) will be available from August 2018.