Pioneer Onkyo Europe GmbH

Digital Audio Player


Portable Hi-Res Digital Audio Player with Intuitive Browser, Support from MQA, Streaming Services from TIDAL, Deezer and Spotify, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.

Experience high-quality music when you’re on the move. The XDO-100R supports the playing of HiRes files and DSD as well as the futuristic MQA format. Save music on the expandable internal memory and stream songs from your network provided by Tidal, Deezer or Spotify. Or shop directly for current HiRes songs in the onkyo music store. With the AndroidTM operating system and the fast-reacting dazzling touch screen, the wealth of functions provided by the XDP-100 can be endlessly expanded. 


High-resolution audio player with HD display, ESS SABRE DACs with separate channels, symmetrical audio output, Bluetooth, Google Play apps, WiFi and up to 432 GB of memory

The converters and output stages of this portable player make even stationary high-end devices look obsolete. The XDP-300 R plays music from internal memory that can be expanded with micro-SD cards, from DLNA servers on the home network, through streaming apps from the Internet or via Bluetooth – and produces simply phenomenal sound using a headset or line out.