Pioneer Onkyo Europe GmbH

Stereo Speaker


100W Compact, Performance 2-Way Speakers

High-resolution sound in a condensed package. Constructed and designed by Pioneer's Chief Speaker Engineer. Andrew Jones has designed some of the world's finest loudspeakers. He now brings his high-end expertise to deliver top-level sound quality to these 2-channel bookshelf speakers.


3-Way Bookshelf Speaker

These high quality three-way speakers offer optimal magnetically shielded sound to prevent interference. Therefore the speakers can be placed near TV for use as TV speaker and home theater.


3-Way Bookshelf Speaker

This three-way speakers with a maximum capacity of 140 W are designed for sound quality and a perfect match for any hi-fi system.


3-Way Bookshelf Speaker

You love it discreetly? Then choose the best for this attractive three-way speakers to complete your installation.