Pioneer Onkyo Europe GmbH

On-ear noise canceller

SOUND: Reduces ambient noise by about 90%, producing clearer and more audible sound. DESIGN: The energy-saving design allows up to 120 hours of continuous listening enjoyment. (When using alkaline batteries.) The noise-cancelling function can be turned off if not necessary, allowing you to use them as regular headphones.

For Smartphones
for all smartphones

These headphones are ideal for use with Android, Windows and Apple smartphones.

Folding Mechanism
foldable headphones

These headphones can be folded easily for space-saving, secure transport when traveling.

For iPod, iPhone & iPad
Für iPod, iPhone & iPad

These headphones are certified for iPod, iPhone & iPad, and deliver a unique sound experience to your iTunes library.

Noise Canceler
Noise Canceler

Special headphones that absorbs up to 90% of ambient noise, for a clearer and undisturbed sound quality.

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