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Pioneer uses the Wireless Multi-Room Speakers MRX-3 and MRX-5 to provide format diversity and flexible extensibility.

27Mar / 2017

Pioneer uses the Wireless Multi-Room Speakers MRX-3 and MRX-5 to provide format diversity and flexible extensibility.

March 23rd  2017

Many multi-room streaming systems force their users to commit themselves to a single brand – first when purchasing the system and later on when searching for compatible extensions. Pioneer, on the other hand, has the greatest possible openness. The new Wireless Multi-Room loudspeakers MRX-3 and MRX-5 support numerous manufacturer-spanning standards and therefore perfectly match not only with many current Pioneer devices, but also with products from other brands.

Let The Music Play - simple, intuitive, wireless and in all rooms in your home. The MRX-3 and MRX-5 wireless multi-room speakers are the ideal partners for our FAYOLA wireless music-systems. Integrated into a personal Wi-Fi network, the speakers play in perfect synchronicity with the HiFi-system in your living room, or act as an individual speaker in an adjacent room says Jürgen Timm, PR & Product Manager at Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH.

Music in every room of your home - individually or perfectly synchronously
The powerful FireConnect™ multi-room standard ensures that speakers can be played exactly synchronously throughout your home - echoes are now only available if the musician wanted them. For individual listening pleasure, each MRX loudspeaker provides independent access to streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, to local media-server and the many thousand channels of TuneIn internet radio service. The music can also be sent from the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or Chromecast built-in* to the MRX-3 or MRX-5, and even a record player two floors deeper can be enjoyed via the wireless speakers - if it is equipped with a FireConnect™ compatible device, such as the Pioneer FAYOLA wireless music-systems, it can also be selected as a source on the MRX loudspeaker, just like any other components available there.

Powerful sound with expansion potential
With two 77mm woofers and a 28mm tweeter, both MRX models, despite their compact dimensions - no wider than an LP case - are already capable of real hi-fi sound. For even more dynamics and space, they can be paired in pairs to stereo-associations - also this technically demanding, because latency-critical connection is made through FireConnect™ over Wi-Fi. The MRX-3 does not need more than one power cable - and if you want to get rid of it, the MRX-5 offers an integrated lithium-ion battery for hours of independent operation. Apart from this difference, MRX-3 and MRX-5 are identical in sound, design and equipment.

Convenient setup and control via Pioneer Remote App
Whether a single MRX-3 or MRX-5, a stereo pair of MRX or a whole music network, the free "Pioneer Remote App" for iOS and Android keeps track of any streaming system. The intuitively designed application allows the user to control each device, create or resolve groups, and navigate through the rich variety of streaming content. Because you do not always want to have a smartphone in your hand, important functions like skip, play / pause or volume are always accessible directly at the MRX loudspeaker via solid rotary and pushbuttons. The first setup and input of the Wi-Fi access data is reliably via Remote App and via a supplied AUX cable, which allows the smartphone or tablet to communicate directly with the initial setup. Pioneer MRX-3 and MRX-5 have not been equipped with any, but with a high-performance dual-band Wi-Fi to prevent connection problems and also to transmit high data rates. The additional ethernet LAN socket, which allows extremely stable operation on the network cable, is not a matter of course for all streaming loudspeakers on the market.
Multi-Room with Pioneer - powerful and freely scalable without brand binding
Pioneer also offers a comprehensive range of compatible multi-channel receivers, Hi-Fi micro systems, CD receivers and network players in all price and performance classes for the construction of even more demanding multi-room systems. Thanks to the comprehensive FireConnect™ standards, Chromecast built-in* and Play-Fi™*, MRX-3 and MRX-5 can also be used in many different ways with other manufacturers devices. With the first Pioneer component, the user has access to all the possibilities of modern streaming systems, without having to be fixed in a certain way in case of a possible expansion.

The MRX-3 and MRX-5 multi-room loudspeakers are available from March 2017 in qualified white and black finishes. The retail prices are 299,- € for MRX-3 and 349,- € for MRX-5.


General information:

  • * Chromecast built-in available for future firmware update.
  • * Play-Fi available after future firmware update.
  • * Availability of services may vary by region. Customers are advised to check the availability before purchase. Some services require a paid subscription for full functionality.
  • * Multi-room streaming of AUX inputs available after future firmware update.
  • * Up to 96 kHz / 24 bit over a wireless network.
  • * Pioneer Remote App is free to download from App Store / Google Play ™.

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